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Policy Listing

Policy Title Area of Ownership Last Approved
Ability to Pay Policy  Clinical Practice  Improvement  03/2017 
Abuse and Neglect Policy  Office of Recipient   Rights  08/2017
Acceptable Use Policy  Information  Technology  02/2017
Access Policy  Clinical Practice  Improvement  04/2017
Accommodations for Individuals with Visual & Mobility Impairments  Customer Service  06/2017
Appropriate Professionals for Utilization Management Decision Making Policy  Utilization  Management  04/2017
Assessment Policy  Clinical Practice  Improvement  06/2017
Behavioral Health Service Medical Necessity Criteria Policy  Utilization  Management  05/2017
Behavioral Health Utilization Management Review Policy  Utilization  Management  05/2017
Benefit Policy  Utilization  Management  05/2017
Billings and Collections Policy  Management &   Budget  01/2018
Capital Asset Management Disposal Policy  Management &   Budget  01/2018
Case Records Maintenance and Review Policy  Quality  Improvement  03/2018
Cash and Investment Policy  Management &   Budget  01/2018
Change in Type of Treatment  Policy  Office of Recipient   Rights  08/2017
Children Diagnostic Treatment Services Program Policy  Children Services  07/2017
Children’s Home and Community Based Waiver Policy  Utilization  Management  07/2017
Clinical Practice Guidelines Policy  Clinical Practice  Improvement  03/2017
Communication and Visits Policy  Office of Recipient   Rights  08/2017
Communication Using the Teletype Device, & Michigan Relay Service or Other Communication Devices Policy  Customer Service  06/2017
Complex Case Management Policy  Integrated Health  Care  06/2017
Compliance Plan Policy  Compliance  02/2018
Compliance Reporting Policy  Compliance  10/2017
Comprehensive Examinations Policy  Office of Recipient   Rights  08/2017
Conflict of Interest Policy  Compliance  01/2018
Consent to Treatment & Services Policy  Office of Recipient   Rights  08/2017
Consumer Stipend Policy  Clinical Practice  Improvement  08/2017
Contribution Sponsorship Public Relations Policy  Management &  Budget  01/2018
Costing and Reporting Integrity: Procedure Code Work Group (PCWG) Policy  Management &  Budget  12/2016
County of Financial Responsibility (COFR) Policy  Management &  Budget  01/2018
Credentialing/Re-Credentialing Policy  Managed Care  Operations  04/2017
Credit Card Policy   Management &  Budget  01/2018
Crisis Plan Policy  Utilization  Management  02/2017
Cultural Competence Policy  Customer Service  06/2017
Customer Service Policy  Customer Service  05/2017
Customer Service (CS) Enrollee/Member Appeals Policy  Customer Service  05/2017
Delegated Functions Policy  Managed Care  Operations  08/2017
Denial of Service Policy  Utilization  Management  05/2017
Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority Utilization Management Program Description and Policy  Utilization  Management  01/2018
Disbursement Policy  Management &  Budget  01/2018
Disclosure of Confidential or Privileged Information Policy  Office of Recipient   Rights  08/2017
Disclosure of Control and Ownership Interest Policy  Legal  08/2017
Early Childhood Mental Health Services Policy  Children's Services  08/2017
Eligibility and Screening Policy  Clinical Practice  Improvement  04/2017
Environmental Safety Policy  Quality Improvement  03/2018
Family Planning Policy  Office of Recipient   Rights  08/2017
Family Support Subsidy Program Policy  Customer Service  07/2017
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Policy  Substance Use  Disorders  03/2016
Fingerprinting, Photographing, Etc. Policy  Office of Recipient   Rights  08/2017
Fraud, Waste and Abuse Policy  Compliance  10/2017
Freedom of Movement Policy  Office of Recipient   Rights  08/2017
George Gaines & Roberta Sanders Fund for Community Inclusion Policy  Office for Peer-  Participant  Advocacy  (OPA!)  07/2017
Habilitation Supports Waiver (Medicaid 1915 (c) Waiver) Policy  Utilization  Management  04/2018
HIPAA Security Policy  Legal  05/2018
Incident Reporting Policy  Quality Improvement  04/2017
Independent Review Organization Policy  Utilization  Management  04/2017
Individual Plan of Service (IPOS) Person-Centered Plan Policy  Clinical Practice  Improvement  08/2017
Infection Control Policy  Clinical Practice  Improvement  03/2017
Integrated Health Care Initiatives Care Coordination:  Transitions in Care from Psychiatric Inpatient  Settings Policy  Integrated Health  Care  06/2017
Integration and Coordination of Care - Data Sharing and Care Coordination Policy  Integrated Health  Care  04/2017
Inter-Rater Reliability Policy for Utilization Management Staff Policy  Utilization  Management  04/2017
Investigation Policy  Compliance  10/2017
Level I and Level 2 Assessments and Integrated Care Teams Policy  Integrated Health  Care  02/2017
Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Policy  Customer Service  06/2017
LOCUS - Level of Care Utilization System Protocol  Clinical Practice  Improvement  04/2017
Medication Control Policy  Clinical Practice  Improvement  03/2017
Member Experience Policy  Customer Service  04/2017
Member Grievance Policy  Customer Service  03/2017
Network Monitoring and Management Policy  Managed Care   Operations  06/2017
New Member Orientation Policy  Customer Service  03/2017
Out-of-Network Policy  Managed Care   Operations  09/2017
Parent Management Training Oregon Model (PMTO) Policy  Children's Services  07/2017
Peer Services Policy  OPA!  08/2017
Personal Property & Search Policy  Office of Recipient   Rights  08/2017
PHI Privacy and Confidentiality Policy  Legal  05/2018
PIHP Disenrollment Policy  Utilization   Management  08/2017
Promoting & Supporting Minors with Serious Emotional Disturbances Remaining in their Home, School and Communities Policy  Children Services  07/2017
Proven Behavioral Health Clinical Technology Inclusion and Application Guidelines Policy  Clinical Practice  Improvement  04/2017
Psychiatric Practice Standards Policy  Clinical Practice  Improvement  03/2017
Qualifications and Training for RR Staff Policy  Office of Recipient   Rights  08/2017
Quality Assessment Performance Improvement Program (QAPIP) Policy  Quality  Improvement  06/2017
Recipient Rights Appeals Policy  Office of Recipient   Rights  08/2017
Recipient Rights Complaint Resolution  Office of Recipient   Rights  08/2017
Record Retention & Disposal Policy  Compliance  10/2017
Recovery Policy  OPA!  08/2017
Referral, Coordination and Integration of Care Policy  Integrated Health  Care  04/2017
Reporting of Consumer Critical Event, Sentinel Event, and Death Policy  Quality  Improvement  03/2017
Resident Funds Policy  Office of Recipient  Rights  08/2017
Resident Labor Policy  Office of Recipient   Rights  08/2017
Respite Policy  Children's Services  08/2017
Restraint Policy  Office of Recipient   Rights  08/2017
Right to Entertainment Materials Policy  Office of Recipient   Rights  08/2017
Seclusion Policy  Office of Recipient   Rights  08/2017
Section 1557 Grievance Procedure Policy  Compliance  07/2017
Selection of Sub-recipients for Grants Policy  Purchasing  12/2016
Self-Determination Policy  OPA!  08/2017
Self-Management Tool Policy

 Clinical Practice   Improvement

Services Suited to Condition in the Least Restrictive Setting Policy

 Office of Recipient   Rights

Standards of Conduct Policy


SUD Ability To Pay Policy  Substance Use  Disorder  03/2016
Substance Use Disorder - Recipient Rights Policy  Substance Use  Disorder   03/2017
Time Reporting Policy  Management &   Budget  01/2018
Treatment with Dignity and Respect Policy  Office of Recipient  Rights  08/2017
Use of Behavior Treatment in Community Mental Health Settings Policy  Quality  Improvement  03/2017
Use of Psychotropic Drugs Policy  Office of Recipient   Rights  08/2017
Utilization Management (UM) Provider Appeals Policy  Utilization  Management  02/2018
Utilization Management Affirmative Statement  Utilization  Management  05/2017 
Utilization Management/Provider Local and Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy  Utilization  Management  05/2017
Volunteer Services Policy  Personnel / Human   Resources  07/2017
Women's Specialty Services Policy  Substance Use  Disorders  03/2016
Wraparound Policy  Children's Services  07/2017




Proposed Policies

The Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority periodically issues notices of proposed policies. These documents inform interested parties of proposed changes in policies.

A Proposed Policy may undergo a public comment period before becoming final. The notices provide a way for interested parties to comment on proposed policies. Viewers may comment by using the electronic feedback form before the comment due date. Notice contents are, in effect, a draft. They do not represent official policy.

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