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Policy Listing

Policy Title Area of Ownership Last Approved
Ability to Pay  Clinical Practice  Improvement 3/17/2017 
Acceptable Use  Information  Technology  2/28/2017
Access  Clinical Practice  Improvement  04/25/2017
Accommodations for Individuals with Visual & Mobility Impairments  Customer Service  6/1/2017
Acknowledgement of Enrollee-Member Appeal Request   Customer Service  05/2017
Acknowledgement of Member Appeal Request - Medicaid  Customer Service  05/2017
Acknowledgement of Member Appeal Request - Uninsured  Customer Service  05/2017
Appropriate Professionals for Utilization Management Decision Making  Utilization  Management  4/25/2017
Assessment Policy  Clinical Practice  Improvement  6/1/2017
Behavioral Health Service Medical Necessity Criteria Policy  Utilization  Management  5/12/2017
Behavioral Health Utilization Management Review Policy  Utilization  Management  5/12/2017
Benefit Policy  Utilization  Management  5/12/2017
Case Records Maintenance and Review  Quality  Improvement  4/5/2017
Children Diagnostic Treatment Services Program  Children Services  7/19/2017
Children’s Home and Community Based Waiver  Utilization  Management  07/2017
Clinical Practice Guidelines  Clinical Practice  Improvement  3/17/2017
Communication Using the Teletype Device, & Michigan Relay Service or Other Communication Devices  Customer Service  6/1/2017
Complex Case Management  Integrated Health  Care  6/1/2017
Costing and Reporting Integrity: Procedure Code Work Group (PCWG)  Management &  Budget  12/20/2016
County of Financial Responsibility (COFR)  Management &  Budget  10/17/2016
Credentialing/Re-Credentialing  Managed Care  Operations  4/25/2017
Crisis Plan  Utilization  Management  2/28/2017
Cultural Competence  Customer Service  6/1/2017
Customer Service  Customer Service  5/26/2017
Customer Service (CS) Enrollee/Member Appeals Policy  Customer Service  5/26/2017
Denial of Service Policy  Utilization  Management  5/12/2017
Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority Utilization Management Program Description and Policy  Utilization  Management  2/19/2017
Disclosure of Control and Ownership Interest  Legal  12/14/2016
Eligibility and Screening  Clinical Practice  Improvement  4/25/2017
Family Support Subsidy Program  Customer Service  7/19/2017
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder  Substance Use  Disorders  3/11/2016
George Gaines & Roberta Sanders Fund for Community Inclusion  Office for Peer-  Participant  Advocacy  (OPA!)  7/19/2017
Habilitation Supports Waiver (Medicaid 1915 (c) Waiver)  Utilization  Management  07/2017
Incident Reporting Policy  Quality Improvement  4/25/2017
Independent Review Organization Policy  Utilization  Management  4/25/2017
Infection Control  Clinical Practice  Improvement  3/17/2017
Integrated Health Care Initiatives Care Coordination:  Transitions in Care from Psychiatric Inpatient  Settings  Integrated Health  Care  6/1/2017
Integration and Coordination of Care - Data Sharing and Care Coordination  Integrated Health  Care  4/24/2017
Inter-Rater Reliability Policy for Utilization Management Staff  Utilization  Management  4/27/2017
Level I and Level 2 Assessments and Integrated Care Teams  Integrated Health  Care  2/22/2017
Limited English Proficiency (LEP)  Customer Service  6/1/2017
LOCUS - Level of Care Utilization System Protocol  Clinical Practice  Improvement  04/2017
Medication Control  Clinical Practice  Improvement  3/17/2017
Member Experience  Customer Service  4/26/2017
Member Grievance  Customer Service  3/17/2017
Network Monitoring and Management  Managed Care  Operations  6/1/2017
New Member Orientation  Customer Service  3/17/2017
Nursing Assessment Protocol  Clinical Practice  Improvement  02/2017
Parent Management Training Oregon Model (PMTO)  Children Services  7/19/2017
PHQ-9 Procedure  Clinical Practice  Improvement  04/2017
Promoting & Supporting Minors with Serious Emotional Disturbances Remaining in their Home, School and Communities  Children Services  7/19/2017
Proven Behavioral Health Clinical Technology Inclusion and Application Guidelines  Clinical Practice  Improvement  4/25/2017
Psychiatric Assessments Protocol  Clinical Practice  Improvement  02/2017
Psychiatric Practice Standards  Clinical Practice  Improvement  3/17/2017
Quality Assessment Performance Improvement Program (QAPIP)  Quality  Improvement  6/1/2017
Referral, Coordination and Integration of Care  Integrated Health  Care  4/24/2017
Reporting of Consumer Critical Event, Sentinel Event, and Death Policy  Quality  Improvement  3/17/2017
Section 1557 Grievance Procedure  Compliance  7/19/2017
Selection of Sub-recipients for Grants  Purchasing  12/14/2016
Self-Management Tool Policy  Quality  Improvement   4/25/2017
SIS Level-of-Care Determination Procedure    
Substance Use Disorder - Recipient Rights  Substance Use  Disorder   3/17/2017
SUD Ability To Pay  Substance Use  Disorder   3/11/2016
Use of Behavior Treatment in Community Mental Health Settings  Quality  Improvement  3/17/2017
Utilization Management (UM) Provider Appeals Policy  Utilization  Management  5/12/2017
Utilization Management Affirmative Statement  Utilization  Management  5/12/2017 
Utilization Management/Provider Local and Alternative Dispute Resolution  Utilization  Management  5/12/2017
Volunteer Services  Personnel  7/19/2017
Women's Specialty Services  Substance Use  Disorders  3/11/2016
Wraparound  Children Services  7/19/2017




Proposed Policies

The Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority periodically issues notices of proposed policies. These documents inform interested parties of proposed changes in policies.

A Proposed Policy may undergo a public comment period before becoming final. The notices provide a way for interested parties to comment on proposed policies. Viewers may comment by using the electronic feedback form before the comment due date. Notice contents are, in effect, a draft. They do not represent official policy.

To open these files, you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click the Acrobat Reader icon, below, for instructions on downloading.

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* The window to review the currently proposed policies closed on 7/31/2017. There are no Policies to review at this time.