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Healthcare Information Technology

A vital component to Integrated Health Care is the implementation and proper operation of information technology at the provider level.  A result of integrated delivery will be the ability for physicians, nurses, and other health professionals to access and record a patient's health information all in one place. Health conditions, medications, previous treatment, medical tests, allergies, and so on will be easily accounted for and lessen the risk for repetition and medical error. Subsequently, treatment plans and delivery of services will improve dramatically.


Electronic Health Records

An electronic health record (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR) allows healthcare providers to record patient information electronically instead of using paper records. An EHR is a systematic current digital collection of patient health information. This format of record keeping is capable of being shared across different health care settings whether at the primary care setting, emergency room, or behavioral health setting. The system is designed to capture real-time information with access to previous medical history. EHRs will be of major benefit to the clinician and patient.

Accurate and timely information. Any provider in any setting can readily access a patient's medical history and up-to-date information which will allow for better medical care especially in a crisis

Reduced repetition of tests and procedures. Medical procedures and tests can be costly and inconvenient. Providers will have access to all procedures and results.

Better coordination of care between providers. Health care professionals across disciplines will be better able to manage care by having the same up-to-date information regarding specific patients.

Reduced paperwork. Fewer and shorter forms for patients as EHR information begins to build Patients’ direct access to their own health records.  As a Federal law, patients have the right to access their own health records. Having electronic online access will enable the individual to keep track of their care and make corrections or updates to their records.